KEGOC and trade union representatives signed new Collective Agreement for 2016-2020


On 9 September this year the Conference on adopting Collective Agreement for 2016-2020 between KEGOC and the representatives of employees was held. Heads of the Company and Energy Industry Trade Union, employees of structural units of the Executive Administration, delegates from the Company's branches, members of the Commission on administration of collective labour negotiations, drafting and controlling the execution of the Collective Agreement, and Bakhyt Kapparov, the authorised representative of the Republican Professional Trade Association of the Kazakhstan Labour Confederation, participated in the Conference. 

Draft Collective Agreement was earlier reviewed and negotiated in all structural units of the Company. It should be noted that the both parties shall update the Collective Agreement and control its execution henceforth on a parity basis. 

Bakytzhan Kazhiyev, the Chairman of Management Board, stressed the importance of the event and drew the attention of everybody to the fact that social and labour relations are one of the key development areas of KEGOC since the people are in the core of any operating process. He emphasised that the current Collective Agreement proved its consistency. At the same time the Company proceeds with development of social and labour relations. Changes in inner and outer environment required elaboration of a new Collective Agreement. The draft has been elaborated with due account of the changes in labour laws of the Republic of Kazakhstan and a stronger role of social partnership in the relations between employer and employees. Changes in the Laws of the Republic of Kazakhstan, HR strategy of Samruk-Kazyna, our major shareholder, proposals of the Company's employees were addressed in the draft Collective Agreement elaborated and submitted for signing. 

It should be noted that KEGOC as a natural monopoly is limited in its resources for satisfying all social needs of its employees. However the parties of the Commission were satisfied with the results of the common effort including negotiations on some issues submitted to the Conference.    

The Company's management highly appreciates understanding and support of the trade union and is always ready to interact to the best of its ability with the trade union regarding social partnership issues. The Employer and Trade Union Committee undertook to strictly comply with the Agreement conditions, respect each other's interests, avoid confrontation and pursue mutual understanding. All issues shall be settled through negotiations and consultations.