KEGOC employees took part in BI Marathon-2019


On 26 May 2019 the annual BI Marathon was held in Nur-Sultan.

The team of KEGOC took an active part in this sports event, which happened in Ramadan, the Muslim month of fasting. The corporate team included about 30 employees from the Executive Administration of KEGOC, EnergoInform, Financial Settlement Centre for Renewable Energy Sources Support and Akmolinskiye MES branch. It is noteworthy that the participants who were fasting did not interrupt it for the race. Arman Meyrzhanov, Zhanibek Zhapbasbayev, Yerbol Nurtanov, Daniyar Berdongarov, Azamat Dokumbayev and Amangeldy Kapez were among the athletes, who took part in the 42.2 and 21.1 km races not interrupting the fast. The rest of the competitors, who were observing the fast, ran a distance of 10 km.  

Representatives of the company have repeatedly participated in this marathon, including representatives of the older generation as well, such sports fans as Yerzhan Uskenbayev and Omar Batalov. It is encouraging that all representatives of the company finished successfully and were awarded honorary medals. 

- Arman Meyirzhanov, Senior Legal Adviser of the Legal Department:

My first official run happened a year ago at BI Marathon. That day I ran 10 km. After the finish I realized that I needed more than that and started training in the mornings (I have been getting up at 5 am and running at 6 am in the Triathlon Park). A year has passed, and I again took part in BI Marathon, but already at a distance of 42.2 km. The current marathon was special for me, I ran it observing the fast. Closer to the finish it was a bit hard, but I managed and finished successfully. This full marathon was not the first to run. When I run a full marathon distance, I always feel happy at the finish even though sometimes it is painful. I would like to thank organizers for such a large-scale sports event like BI Marathon.

- Sayatbek Zhetpisbayev, Manager of Occupational Health Department:

This is my first experience in the race during the fast. Frankly speaking, at the beginning I was afraid to participate, because I thought that I would not take it until the evening. But as it turned out, these were vain fears due to the reluctance to leave the comfort zone.

Thanks to the example of my colleagues, one after another registering for the race, I took a decision to participate and did not regret it. We had a useful and interesting time and were energized for the whole day.