KEGOC held a humour language contest show


On 26 October 2018 KEGOC held the humour contest show titled ‘Language as the basis for friendship’. The event was arranged as part of the State Languages Development Programme for 2011-2020.

The game was delivered in Kazakh and involved 11 teams including KEGOC’s Executive Administration, EnergoInform and nine company’s branches: 

Akmolinskiye MES branch, 

Aktyubinskiye MES branch, 

Almatinskiye MES branch, 

Vostochnye MES branch, 

Zapadnye MES branch, 

Sarbaiskiye MES branch, 

Severnye MES branch, 

Tsentralnye MES branch,

Yuzhnye MES branch.

The show participants competed in three blocks: ‘Greeting – Calling Card’, ‘Music Biathlon’ и musical homework assignment. The Almatinskiye MES branch’s Aport-KEGOC team became the owner of the show’s Grand Prix. EnergoInform’s Nur-Inform team took the first place. The silver went to the Vostochnye MES branch’s Ertis Tolkyndary team. The Aktyubinskiye MES branch’s 04 Region team took the respectable third place. 

The event’s guests were represented by Kazakhstan’s Humour Contest Show Union President Yessen Yeleuken and its Executive Editor Rustem Yelzhanov, Kazakhstan Director of the International Delphic Committee Kuralai Tuspekova, etc.