KEGOC Info-Day Progress of the Business Transformation Programme


On 10 July 2015, an information session was held on the progress of the KEGOC Business Transformation Programme.


The aim of the info-day is to attract company employees to discuss the interim results of the transformation programme. The main goal of such meetings is not only to inform personnel of progress, but also to promote their active involvement in the process. The personnel involvement is important for the transformation process, so it is planned that such meetings will be held regularly upon achievement of the programme milestones.


The present information session was attended by the Chairman of the Management Board, members of the Management Board, heads and specialists of the Executive Administration and subsidiaries, heads of KEGOC branches and representatives of the Samruk-Kazyna Core Transformation Team.


During his speech, Bakytzhan Kazhiyev, the Chairman, briefly outlined the current progress of the Diagnostics and Design stage implementation under the programmeand mentioned about the first meeting of the Modernisation Board, which made a positive assessment of Stage 0. He also noted that a distinctive feature of the Business Transformation Programme was that it would be implemented by KEGOC employees, and thus it was very important that the employees understood the rationale of the programme.


For this purpose, the invitees were represented by Samruk-Kazyna Core Transformation Team: N. Popandopulo, D. Tuganov, A. Kaptagayevand Yu. Proskurnya, who gave presentations about the transformation methodology and the upcoming changes in the business.


At the end of the meeting, Mr Kazhiyev mentioned the development of his personal Engagement Plan, and also about the approval process of such personal plans for all key company executives. In order to promote an in-depth study of all relevant processes, and to align the programme to the related business areas, and indeed to unite employees in finding the best solutions, it was suggested to create work groups for each of the main programme areas.


The heads of the branches attended this session and thus assured everyone of their readiness to actively participate in designing of business processes relating to their work, to create similar functional work groups for related areas, to cooperate with Business Transformation Centre and address their questions to the latter.