KEGOC Initiates Separation from Uzbek Power System


Currently Kazakhstan UPS operates in parallel with the UES of Russia and integrated power system of CA countries. Unbalanced operation of the Uzbek power system and unplanned power consumption by the Uzbek party lead to actuation of emergency control systems and load shedding in zone south of Kazakhstan.

In the previous winter period it caused 4 events of the North-South power transmission disruption in Kazakhstan and more than 1300 events of emergency control actuation. This situation affects the parallel operation of unified power system (UPS) of Kazakhstan and the power system of Russia.

In addition, the issues of contractual relations and repayment of electricity and services received by Uzbekenergo since the beginning of this year have not been resolved. For instance, power control contract has not been signed (for 2,500 MW and the estimated amount of more than USD 10 million inclusive of VAT), and unplanned consumption of electricity delivered from UPS of Kazakhstan amounting to more than USD 7 million have not been compensated.

Multiple demands of KEGOC to comply with requirements of the parallel operation have been neglected by Uzbekenergo. Unstable operation of the Uzbek power system in the pending winter period increases the risk of a system failure with massive load shedding.

To ensure reliable power supply KEGOC proposed to the Government of the Republic of Kazakhstan to separate from the energy system of Uzbekistan and preserve parallel operation with the UES of Russia and Kyrgyzstan.

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 Company info

 KEGOC is the system operator for Kazakhstan's Unified Power System (UPS). The core operations of the company are related to natural monopoly. The company's assets include 24,500 kilometres of 110-1150 kV transmission lines, and 76 substations with an installed capacity of 35.5 MVA. Together these assets comprise the National Power Grid (NPG). Company employs more than 4 thousand people. Please for further details.