KEGOC is not to blame for the electricity failure at Tengizchevroil’s facility


The technical nature of the incident that occurred at Tengizchevroil’s electrical facility on 3 January cannot be attributed to KEGOC. The information that was previously provided by the oil company and published in the mass media is incorrect.   

On 3 January 2013 at 9:21AM local time, an emergency shutdown of a turbine occurred at the Tengizchevroil’s Gas Turbine Power Plant 3, resulting in the loss of 57 MW of power capacity. As a consequence of the load increase on two 110 kV transmission lines owned by Tengizchevroil (TCO), one of the lines failed at the approach to the Tengiz substation and was tripped by the TCO dispatcher team. However, due to TCO operating personnel not observing the load schedule, the second 110 kV transmission line was then tripped by the relay protection system.
Therefore, the nature of the emergency proves that the technical problems occurred at the facilities owned and operated by TCO.
In this regard, the announcements that were recently made by TCO representatives regarding an outage in KEGOC’s network do not reflect the real situation.
According to the available information, in 2012 TCO did not carry out any maintenance on these lines, and accordingly their operational readiness was at a low level.
Currently, as requested by TCO, KEGOC is providing technical assistance with the repairs to the 110 kV line.