KEGOC promotes the development of Kazakh language by carrying out a KVN


On 30 October 2015, KEGOC held the traditional competition of KVN (Club of the Funny and Inventive). The goal of the game is the promotion of Kazakh language among company employees and its affiliates. This year, the theme of the competition was ‘Our happiness is peace and unity’. Five teams participated in the competition: Executive Administration, NDC SO, Akmolinskiye MES and Tsentralniye MES branches, as well as subsidiary – EnergoInfrom.


It was noteworthy that this year creativity of participants was judged by the competition jury, which included not only company representatives, but also guest experts: Akerke Zhumanbai, member of ‘Zhas Otan’ youth branch, Galymzhan Kenshilik and Madi Abdigaliyev, representatives of ‘Kazakhstan KVN Union’ republican youth public association.


The programme consisted of 4 rounds: ’Greeting’, ‘Warm-up’, ‘Musical Round’ and ‘Homework’. The teams were scored for such criteria as artistry, compliance with a theme, originality, music and etc.


The jury noted the high level of the teams, compliance with the selected format, and, of course, the fans, who actively supported their teams with loud ovations and great tornado of emotions throughout the evening.


According to the final scores, the first place was won by EnergoInform team. The second place went to Executive Administration, third place – Tsentralniye MES. The winners and participants of the competition were awarded valuable and recognition prizes.


Kazakh language competition among KEGOC employees is held annually and is aimed at the development and promotion of Kazakh language, expansion of the practical application of Kazakh language, and strengthens the corporate spirit of employees.