KEGOC reports 2020 performance at the Information Day event


KEGOC reported the porgress of the Company's business transformation implementation at the regular information day event of KEGOC Business Transformation Programme: IDEAS TO GROW, held in the form of online conference. 

Mr.Bakytzhan Kazhiyev, Chairman of the Management Board of KEGOC, top management team of the Company and Mr. Dauren Kereybayev, Managing Director of Digitization and Transformation of Samruk-Kazyna took part in the event. More than 3,000 people, including employees of the company and its subsidiaries, as well as management and members of the Central Transformation Team of the Fund, members of the transformation teams of the national companies:  Kazakhstan Temir Zholy,  KazMunayGas, Kazatomprom, Kazpost, Samruk-Energy were invited as guests to the live broadcast. 

Welcoming the participants of the event Bakytzhan Kazhiyev noted the operational and financial achievements of KEGOC in the current year. The company continues to successfully implement several projects in the field of construction of an active and adaptive grid - the basis of smart energy system within the Transformation Program. The elements of the smart grid include the centralised emergency control system, automatic frequency and power regulation system, and monitoring and control system based on WAMS/WACS synchrophasor technologies.

Implementation of these projects shall increase the capacity of the NPG, significantly reduce the huge number of calculations to select emergency control options, minimise the amount of load and generation shedding by the emergency automatics, maximise the use of available peaking generation resources, and most importantly, maintain power quality and reliability of power plants in Kazakhstan. 

"Changes in technology and processes are not possible without the support of the team. The latest social sustainability surveys show 70% support level for the transformation programme by KEGOC's administrative and management staff, and 74% by the operating staff. These are the highest levels of support among national companies implementing similar programmes," noted Mr. Kazhiyev.

Over the five years of implementing the Business Transformation Programme, KEGOC has successfully completed 8 out of 18 projects. Some of the projects and activities have already been completed and commissioned, some are in progress. 

As KEGOC's Chief Business Transformation Director, Mr. Khabibulla Kaziyev noted, the Programme initiatives are aimed at achieving the company's main strategic development goals.  

In general, the following indicators were achieved during the period 2016-2019 as a result of the Programme implementation: 

- the company received net benefits of KZT 23 billion through cost optimisation;

- more than 2,000 employees of the company were trained;

- Process re-engineering was completed; in order to improve management efficiency, a decision was made to introduce a process management system (PMS); almost 8,000 thousand target business processes have been described to date;

- ITC complex development strategy was adopted. In the course of the Programme implementation, 15 information systems have been or are being implemented. 

The top management team: Mr. Muktar Bekenov (the centralised emergency control automation system), Mr. Zhandos Nurmaganbetov (WACS/WAMS monitoring and control system), Mr. Tolegen Safuani (Cyber Security Project and IT Cost Reduction, KEGOC Data Analytics activities), Mr. Aibek Botabekov (ERP), Mr. Zhanbai Beksary (Human Resources Capacity), Mr. Yermakhanbet Atakulov (HSE Business Process Automation and COVID-19 response in the Company) reported in detail advantages and obtained benefits of their respective eight transformation projects and events. 

To promote the initiatives of the Business Transformation Programme in the Company's business branches and subsidiaries, a network of Business Change Agents has been operating in KEGOC since February 2016 and providing all kinds of assistance as a reliable change agent for about 5 years. Mr. Saken Karabalaev, deputy head of Vostochnye MES Branch, spoke about the challenges faced by the Agent Pool. 

This year, the pool of agents was expanded by representatives of KEGOC subsidiaries:  EnergoInform and FSC RES, as well as second-tier agents from the heads of TES (territorial electricity networks) and MES branches. Currently, the pool of agents at all levels consists of 157 agents. Together with the company's transformation team, they conducted a survey of involvement and awareness of the operating personnel about the ongoing transformation. The survey generally shows high level of awareness and support by the operating personnel. 

However, this time it showed the of 58% of respondents who have performance improvement ideas, 41% do not know how they can submit them. The challenge for change agents, therefore, is to set up a proper standing processes to collect business ideas on site. 

The organizers of the event also invited a professional coach in design thinking, director of NeuroStorm International Consulting Agency, Mr. David Tuganov, who talked about how to boost the skills of generating new ideas. He gave an interesting master-class on working methods that help to reveal inner potential and inspire new and surprising forms of creative teamwork. 

KEGOC holds the information day events annually and consider them as an essential tool for communication between management and employees. Communication of the performance and future plans ensures the involvement of all stakeholders in the Transformation Programme and the effective implementation of the Company's transformation programme.