KEGOC restores power supply after a natural disaster in Zhambyl Oblast


 As the Government Committee stated the urgency of the recovery works, today at 04:00 AM (Astana time zone) an emergency repair team from KEGOC restored the power supply at the Karatau substation, and at 03:00 PM power supply to the Opornaya substation near Zhanatas town was restored.

To cure the effects of the disaster, KEGOC deployed 60 employees and 30 pieces of equipment from Yuzhnye, Akmolinskiye, Tsentralnye and Severnye MES branches to the Zhambyl Oblast.

On the last weekend, resulting from unexpected adverse weather conditions with abnormally high wind speed, Zhambyl Oblast suffered a blackout due to a fall of about 40 towers at the 220 kV interregional transmission lines owned by KEGOC and including the lines powering Karatau and Zhanatas towns.