«KEGOC selected the best rationalization proposals


On September 12, 2019, a meeting of the Scientific and Technical Council (hereinafter referred to as the STC) of KEGOC took place, at which the results of "The Best Innovation Proposal of 2018” contest were summed up.

The members of the STC considered 38 rationalization proposals, which were recognized as rationalization in 2018 by the Committee on Innovative and Technological Development under the STC. 

According to the results of the competition, I place was awarded to the rationalization proposal titled “Blocking of frequency load shedding automation given the motor reactive power and tripped power feeders at the substation”, the author of which is Mr. Vyacheslav Kuznetsov. 

This technical solution was implemented in Sarbaiskiye MES branch of KEGOC and is essentially is a change the CFC logic of the relay protection unit at 220 kV Vostochnaya SS. It prevents unwanted load shedding and increases the reliability of the power system of Kazakhstan. 

Honorary II place was awarded to rationalization proposal named “Improved heating of 35kV vacuum circuit breakers, type 3AF0143, by SIEMENS, author - Mr. Yerbol Begalinov. 

This technical solution was implemented in Aktyubinskiye MES Branch of KEGOC, and is essentially modernization of the circuit breaker drive heating circuit through installation of TS1 temperature sensor in the E15 resistor circuit, which enables the control of temperature the circuit breaker drive cabinet. This solution has eliminated the negative influence of high temperatures on the insulation of secondary circuits, rubber seals of the drive doors, the lubrication of the drive parts, and also the reduced energy consumption.

III place awarded to the collective rationalization proposal titled: "A device for removing icing on conductors of 220 kV overhead lines", collaborators: Messrs. Oleg Pak, Bolat Adilbaev, Oral Musabaev, and Vladislav Tsoi.

This technical solution was implemented in Yuzhnye MES branch of KEGOC and is essentially a specially developed device installed on the roof of the vehicle’s special equipment that allows improving the removal of icing on overhead lines. This technical solution improved safety and accelerated de-icing operations on overhead lines.

The winners of the rationalization contest were awarded with the material rewards.