KEGOC's Annual Report and Sustainability Report Were Recognised the Best


KEGOC became a prize winner in the following nominations: The Best Sustainability Report, The Best Interactive Annual Report and Design and Printing Art in the annual reports contest for 2016 held by RAEX (Expert RA Kazakhstan).

The Company annually releases the annual report and sustainability report in one set. This approach allows preparing informative, yet non-stodgy and easy-to-use documents.

Key achievements in preparation of the annual report and sustainability report:

- High-quality review of the market. The Company’s reporting often becomes a valuable source of information on the sector for analysts and experts.

- Strategic orientation of the annual report. The content of the Company’s report is based on the strategic goals 2025 and further disclosure of work details on each of strategic areas.

- High quality disclosure of information on operating and financial performance. KEGOC annual report contains well-structured and balanced review on basic business areas, in particular, investment activity and innovation projects. The report includes a detailed analysis of financial and economic indicators.

- Traditionally, KEGOC provides a quality disclosure of corporate governance issues including the activities of the Board of Directors and management remuneration policy.

- High level disclosure of sustainability. The sustainability report details economic, environmental and social aspects of the Company’s operations including Electric Utilities Sector Disclosures to Guidelines GRI and discloses management approaches in these areas. The data provided in the report were certified by external independent party and this proves the compliance of the report’s content with G4 Guidelines GRI (Core information disclosure option). This gives added confidence to stakeholders in accuracy of the published information complies with best corporate governance practices.