KEGOC’s Management Meets with Personnel


On 18 February 2015 Bakytzhan Kazhiyev, Chairman of the Management Board, met with the personnel of Executive Administration and National Dispatching Centre of the System Operator. 

During the report meeting, that has already become a tradition, the CEO of the company told personnel about the results of KEGOC for 2014 and challenges for 2015.

A series of similar meetings will be held until 18 March 2015 in all nine branches of the company: Akmolinskiye, Almatinskiye, Sarbaiskiye, Zapadnye, Severnye, Tsentralnye, Aktyubinskiye, Yuzhnye and Vostochnye MES branches.

Together with the Chairman of the Management Board, Bakytkhan Zhazykbayev, First Deputy Chairman of Management Board, Abat Akmurzin, Deputy Chairman of Management Board - Operations and Members of the Management Board of KEGOC will participate in the meetings.