KEGOC’s top management communicates corporate values


Dominique Fache, Yermek Kudabayev and Janusz Bialek, independent directors, members of the Board of Directors of KEGOC, met with 30 prospective employees of the company. The meeting was focused on the corporate values approved on the same day at the meeting of the Board of Directors.

On an annual basis KEGOC holds such meetings aimed at promoting interaction between the management and forward-minded employees in developing the corporate policy and important managerial decisions. In addition, at such meetings, employees get answers to their questions and relevant information without misconceptions. 

The event was organized jointly with Samruk-Kazyna Corporate University and was held in an interactive format with games and team tasks. Each of four teams represented a separate block of corporate values of the company - 'Justice and Honesty', 'Challenge and Development', 'Unity and Responsibility', and 'Tradition and Respect'. 

The independent directors acted as observers, shared with the participants their professional experience and their vision regarding the future development of the industry and the company.

The corporate values model was developed under the new project of the Transformation Programme 'Development of the corporate culture of KEGOC for 2018-2020', the kick-off meeting on which took place a few days earlier. This project is aimed at implementing initiatives to transform people, further improve the corporate culture of KEGOC, increase employee engagement and develop human capital.