Modernization Board: Roadmap implementation status and updated project portfolio at KEGOC


On 14 December KEGOC’s regular Modernization Board reviewed as key issues on the agenda the updated programme documents including project portfolio and projected financial indicators for 2015-2022. The Board also addresses HR issues in terms of the Board membership. Thus, KEGOC’s Chief Business Transformation Officer Khabibulla Kaziyev was unanimously elected a new Deputy Chairman of the Modernization Board and Business Transformation Program Manager Yerbossyn Akhmetov became the secretary.

The meeting covered the Programme’s financial indicators updated as a result of the planning horizon increased until 2022 and adjustments made in accordance with the shareholder’s Letter of Expectations.  In doing so, the investments in the Programme during the 2015-2022 forecast period will total to KZT 13,756 million and the Business Transformation Programme’s benefits will amount to approximately KZT 46,667 million.

The next agenda issue was the implementation status of the Business Transformation Programme Roadmap 2017 approved by the Fund’s Management Board Chairman Umirzak Shukeyev on 26 June 2017. Chief Business Transformation Officer Khabibulla Kaziyev noted that 11 of 22 planned Roadmap 2017 checkpoints have been currently completed. However, seven checkpoints of the current Roadmap will be shifted to 2018. The above checkpoints implementation directly depended on the availability of a consultant in the project. The delay in attracting the consultant changed the timing for the stated checkpoints implementation. In total, by the end of 2017 there will be 15 implemented checkpoints. The updated Roadmap includes new 2018 checkpoints along with the shifted 2017 checkpoints.

The Modernization Board heard an updated draft portfolio. The new started Implementation stage and the Fund’s recommendations optimized and restructured the portfolio. The implemented projects were removed along with the projects ending in 2017. Target process implementation projects are integrated into the project KEG01 ‘Introduction of enterprise processes’. Therefore, the revised project portfolio consists of seven projects.

The meeting ended with the approval of all stated issues with minor adjustments.