The System Operator of the Kazakhstan UPS has lifted the restrictions on the KokshetauEnergoCenter LLP as the guarantees were presented for repayment of the non-contractually consumed electricity.

Since the beginning of the current month the aforementioned energy-supplying organisation has over-consumed 6 million kWh of electric power. Moreover, KokshetauEnergoCenter LLP has ignored several warnings and commands of the System Operator of the Kazakhstan UPS regarding balance observance.

As a result the electricity gap was covered from the Russian power grid. Taking into account that the imported electricity is much more expensive, such illegal actions of the KokshetauEnergoCenter LLP caused commercial damage to KEGOC.

On 21–22 May 2012, as instructed by the System Operator, technical measures were taken to impose 8 MW consumption restrictions on this participant of the wholesale energy market. In addition to this restriction KokshetauEnergoCenter LLP has disconnected 15 MW of consumer’s load in the town of Kokshetau, and therefore restricted the consumption for its customers (including those indebted).   

The System Operator of the Kazakhstan UPS, as a non-generating company, wishes to stress that energy supplying organisations shall in a timely manner conclude contracts with power plants (energy generating organisations) for supply of the necessary amounts of electric power.

In case of disturbing the generation and consumption balance, KEGOC is entitled to take appropriate technical measures in order for the consumption conditions to be observed in accordance with Kazakhstan laws.

 About the Company

KEGOC performs the functions of the System Operator of the Unified Power System (UPS) of Kazakhstan. The primary activities of the Company concern the natural monopoly. The Company owns 110–1150 kV transmission lines 24,000 kilometres in length and 74 power substations with the overall installed transformer capacity of 34,492 MVA, which form the National Power Grid (NPG). The Company employs4600 people. More detailed information can be found on