Non-contractual Electricity Flows


From the beginning of the running autumn-winter period the Uzbekistan Power System continues to break the schedule of approved interstate power flows on the border of the Kazakhstan UPS and Integrated Power System (IPS) of Central Asia. During secondary peak the unauthorised power take-off comes to 650 MW; and during night hours the unscheduled delivery amounts to 1050 MW.

Unbalanced operation of the Uzbek Power System adversely effects operation mode of the IPS of Central Asia; also this leads to peak load of Kazakhstan North-South Transit threatening its breakage and blackout in the southern region.  

According to the National Dispatch Centre of the System Operator (NDC SO), the unauthorised electricity take-off by the Uzbek Power System from the Kazakhstan UPS amounts to 25 million kWh as of 28 November 2012.

During the past autumn-winter period (2011-2012) due to unbalanced operation, Uzbekenergo consumed the electricity on the non-contractual (unscheduled) baasis from the Kazakhstan UPS amounting to USD 35 million. Currently, Uzbekenergo has completely repaid the debt for unscheduled electricity supply and delivered services on power regulation for 2011 and 9 months 2012.

In this connection, Kazakhstan Electricity Grid Operating Company JSC (KEGOC JSC) informs that the information published on 26 November 2012 by the Nezavisimaya gazeta (Independent newspaper) in article Astana turns Tashkent on meter relating to penalty amounting to USD 15 million is incorrect.  

Unfortunately, the authoritative title used the information which is currently not relevant and refers to the events of past year in the material relating to operation modes of the IPS of Central Asia. It is important to note that the article writer did not apply officially or verbally to KEGOC requesting to give any comments on interactions of Kazakhstan and Uzbekistan Power Systems.