Non-contractual power flows from Uzbekistan


Non-contractual power flows from the Uzbekistan side have been recording in the Unified Power System of Kazakhstan since September of this year.

The Power System of Uzbekistan systematically violates the agreed operating conditions in that deviations at the border with Kazakhstan reach 500 MW both in power export and import.

Non-contractual power consumption by the Power System of Uzbekistan during peak loads and in the night time is accompanied by power surges in the UPS of Kazakhstan. Non-observance of power operating modes has a negative influence and destabilizes the parallel operation of the Central Asia Integrated Power System (IPS), the UPS of Kazakhstan and the UES of Russia.

Unilateral actions of Uzbekistan cause contingency loading at interstate transmission lines (border between Kazakhstan and Russia) which threaten the parallel operation of the Power Systems of CIS member states with instability due to non-contractual power supply.

Planned repair works in the preparation for the winter period had to be cancelled at interstate transmission lines linking up the UPS of Kazakhstan and the UES of Russia because the Uzbek colleagues failed to coordinate their actions.

According to the information from the System Operator of the Unified Energy System of Russia, due to constant overloads at Ural-Kazakhstan-Siberia transit it is impossible to transmit the power from Ural heat power plants; Siberian hydropower stations are in marginal operation.

Non-observance by the Uzbek side of the IPS of the Central Asia operation modes is a violation of the existing intergovernmental agreements and demonstrates the low level of the dispatch discipline.


Governments of CIS member states concluded the Parallel Operation Agreement in November 1998 and in June 1999 Governments of Central Asia countries – Kazakhstan, Uzbekistan, Kyrgyzstan and Tadzhikistan signed the intergovernmental agreement which stipulates the practical measures to ensure equal rights and liabilities of all parties of the Parallel Operation Agreement.