On performance results of the 26th meeting of the Coordination Electric Power Council of Central Asia


Chaired by KEGOC, on 26 May 2017 Almaty held an important regional event in the power industry, namely the 26th anniversary meeting of the Coordination Electric Power Council of Central Asia (CEPC CA). 

The meeting of CEPC CA was attended by the executives of KEGOC (Republic of Kazakhstan), Barki Tochik (Republic of Tajikistan), Kyrgyzstan NPG (Republic of Kyrgyzstan), UzbekEnergo (Republic of Uzbekistan) and the head of the Coordination Dispatch Centre 'Energy'.

CEPC CA established in 2003 became a unique advisory platform for ensuring concerted actions of Kazakhstan UPS and power systems of the Integrated Power System (IPS) of Central Asia.  

Participants of the meeting discussed power systems performance results in autumn-winter period 2016-2017 and coordinated plans for growing period and repair campaign being held as a preparation for upcoming autumn-winter period 2017-2018.

The meeting also considered actual issues associated with ensuring reliable power supply of member states, coordination of operation modes, improvement of procedural framework under parallel operation of Kazakhstan UPS and IPS of Central Asia. Based on the meeting results a number of key decisions aimed to ensure power systems parallel operation, coordinated actions, comprehensive use of water, fuel and energy resources of the Central Asian region were made.

Mr. Kazhiyev also noted that the meeting was held on the eve of the KEGOC's 20th anniversary. During that period KEGOC performed great work on modernization of existing and construction of new power facilities for ensuring energy independence of the Republic of Kazakhstan.    

The guests enjoyed a study tour to one of such power facilities - newly constructed 500 kV Alma SS having a special place among KEGOC's implemented projects. This substation is the first one of 500 kV substations which was constructed from scratch during the country's independence years. Its connection to the National Power Grid of Kazakhstan ensured reliable power supply of the Almaty power region and Southern region of the country as a whole.  

Next year KEGOC plans to connect to Alma SS a new 500 kV transmission line of North-East-South transit project being implemented under the Nurly-Zhol State Programme. Its first stage was successfully completed last year by KEGOC one year ahead of schedule.    



The relationships between neighbouring power systems of Central Asia are governed by the Agreement between the Governments of Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Tajikistan and Uzbekistan on parallel operation of the power systems (Bishkek, 17 June 1999), according to which the parties may provide interstate electricity supply and deliver mutual services: transit and power regulation. Kazakhstan's advantage from this agreement is the possibility of ensuring the southern region's consumers with reliable power supply. 

Guided by this Agreement, in order to coordinate parallel operation and ensure concerted actions, in 2003 the power systems operators of four countries created an advisory body: Coordination Electric Power Council of Central Asia (CEPC CA), which has become a unique platform for constructive dialogue.

Coordination Electric Power Council of Central Asia (CEPC CA) consists of the System Operators such as KEGOC representing the Republic of Kazakhstan, UzbekEnergo, National Electrical Grid of Kyrgyzstan, Barki Tochik representing the Republic of Tajikistan.