Results of the Annual General Meeting of KEGOC's Shareholders


On 12 May 2017, a General Meeting of KEGOC Shareholders was held, where the following issues were reviewed:

1) consider any claims from the shareholders in relation to activities of KEGOC and its officers and results of investigation of such claims;

2) approve the annual financial statements, distribution of the net income, payment of dividends on ordinary shares and approve the amount of the dividend per one ordinary share of KEGOC for 2016;

3) approve the new revision of KEGOC's Charter;

4) approve new revision of ‘Instruction. Methodology for valuation of shares for repurchase by KEGOC on the informal securities market’ (И KEGOC 00-201-17-ОСА);

5) approve the new revision of ‘Rules. Selection and election of the members of KEGOC Board of Directors’ (Пр KEGOC ИД-341-16-ОСА);

6) approve the new revision of ‘Rules. Remuneration and reimbursement of expenses of the members of KEGOC Board of Directors’ (Пр KEGOC ИД-308-16-ОСА).

Shareholders approved the KEGOC's annual financial statements for 2016.  According to the statements the net income of the Company amounted to KZT 27.6 billion.

Also, the General Meeting of Shareholders, decided to allocate 50% of net income for 2016 among all holders of KEGOC’s ordinary shares. However, since the income in the financial statements for 2016 is represented on an accrual basis, and the Company had already paid  KZT 6.5 of dividends for H1 2016, the allocated amount of dividends for 2016 will be reduced by the amount of dividends paid for H1 2016.

Thus, the total amount of dividends to be paid out will be KZT 7.3 billion for all holders of ordinary shares of the Company, which is KZT 28.13 (twenty-eight tenge thirteen tiyn) per one ordinary share.

The list of the Company's shareholders, who has the right to dividends on the ordinary shares of the Company for 2016, will be finalised at 00 hours 00 minutes on 22 May 2017. The dividend payment will start on 23 May 2017. 

Also, the General Meeting of Shareholders approved the Charter of KEGOC as amended and other internal regulatory documents.