Results of Extraordinary General Meeting of Shareholders of KEGOC


On 24 August 2018, an extraordinary general meeting of KEGOC's shareholders reviewed issue of Election of a member of KEGOC’s Board of Directors, determination of his term in office, the salary and terms of remuneration and compensation of expenses for the member of KEGOC’s Board of Directors’.

The general meeting elected Yermek Kudabayev to KEGOC’s Board of Directors as an independent director with the term of office expiring with the term of office of the entire KEGOC’s Board of Directors.

The members of KEGOC's Board of Directors considering last change:

- Ibragim Tagashev, Director of the Asset Management Directorate of Samruk-Kazyna, representative of Samruk-Kazyna, the Chairman of KEGOC's Board of Directors;

- Suinshlik Tiyessov, representative of Samruk-Kazyna;

- Zhanna Yegimbayeva, representative of Samruk-Kazyna;

- Dominique Yvon Fache, independent director;

- Janusz Witold Bialek, independent director;

- Yermek Kudabayev, independent director;

- Bakytzhan Kazhiyev, Chairman of the Management Board, KEGOC.