Results of Public Hearing


     KEGOC reports that on April 24, 2018 hearings were held on the annual report on the activities of KEGOC to provide regulated services to consumers and other interested parties for 2017.

The speech of KEGOC contained information on:

- investment programmes and investment projects progress including programmes and projects approved by an authorized body;

- main financial and economic natural monopoly performance indicators for the reporting period;

- the amount of rendered regulated services for the reporting period;

- work performed with regulated services consumers;

- itemized execution of tariff estimates as approved by an authorized body for the reporting period;

- business outlook (development plans), including possible changes in tariffs for regulated services.

The annual report on provided regulated services with rationale. 

Annual report on delivery by natural monopoly the regulated services (goods, work) to consumers and other concerned parties

Substantiation on each of subclauses of Clause 13 of the Rules

Clarification of clause-by-clause execution of the tariffs