Safety is everyone's responsibility!


Safety is the responsibility of every employee of the company, not only of the occupational health and safety department. This was the motto of a safety management seminar held for the managers of the company.

The seminar was attended by all invited senior officials of KEGOC.

At the training, Nikolay Garmayev, the co-director of the department for technical control, occupational health and environment, presented in details of the safety culture, the world's best practices in safety management, the main approaches and principles of the safety management model of the industry leaders, and the role of management and the personal commitment of the managers.

Proper safety attitude in the company begins with the right attitude and leadership of the top management, which means that "Safety begins with us," as the seminar participants noted. 

For further development the sustainable safety culture the company plans to implement behaviour based safety audit, management of safety in contract organizations, and risk assessment based safety analysis. And this again shows that the company's management gives the health and safety of its employees a high priority and has the goal to form a corporate culture of safety, openness, and transparency.

Summarizing the results of the seminar, Bakytkhan Zhazykbayev, the Managing Director for Operations, noted that safety seminars for all employees in the company are very useful and should be conducted on a regular basis in order to increase the awareness and safety culture of the operating personnel.