Сontest among the operating dispatch personnel


Following the contest among the operating dispatch personnel the best RDC dispatch team became the team of Vostochny RDC of Vostochnye MES branch. From 20 to 24 April 2015, a contest was held for the operating dispatch personnel of regional dispatch centres (RDC) of intersystem electrical networks (MES) in Astana in the Akmolinskiye MES branch.
Employees from eight RDCs of KEGOC MES branches took part in the contest: Aktyubinskiy, Almatinskiy, Vostochny, Zapadny RDCs, Kustanaiskiy RDC of Sarbaiskiye MES, Severny, Tsentralny and Yuzhny RDCs.
According to the contest results the first was the team of Vostochny RDC of Vostochnye MES branch, which outscored and was announced as the winner.
The second and the third were Almatinskiy RDC of Almatinskiye MES and Tsentralny RDC of Tsentralnye MES, accordingly.
The goal of this contest is to improve the professional skills of employees, promote advanced methods and approaches to operational work, introduce new forms of personnel training based on up-to-date computer simulators and automated learning systems.
During the contest the employees shared the best practices of establishing and fulfilling the operational dispatch control of the Kazakhstan UPS operation modes. RDC employees demonstrated their readiness to work under challenging operational conditions with restricted time for resolving the operational dispatch control tasks.