Sports Festival Results among KEGOC’s Employees


On 24-25 November 2017 Karaganda held a sports festival among KEGOC’s employees dedicated to Kazakhstan’s Independence Day and KEGOC’s 20th Anniversary.

During two weeks 12 teams formed of the employees of KEGOC’s Executive Administration, the National Dispatch Center of the System Operator (NDC SO), nine regional branches, and the subsidiary company EnergoInform, competed for the title of the best in the following sports disciplines: futsal, volleyball, ping-pong, arm-wrestling and chess.    

As a result of uncompromising sports battles, the first team place was taken by the Almatinskiye MES branch athletes. The second place was taken by the Severnye MES branch team, the third place was taken by the Vostochnye MES branch.

The final results in individual and team competitions are as follows:    


1 place - Severnye MES

2 place - Vostochnye MES

3 place - Tsentralnye MES


1 place - Severnye MES

2 place - Almatinskiye MES

3 place - Tsentralnye MES

Chess among men

1 place - Timur Mazhikov, Vostochnye MES

2 place - Sergey Moiseyenko, Sarbaiskiye MES

3 place - Bayanbek Baktybayev, Akmolinskiye MES

Chess among women

1 place - Kymbat Ryspayeva, Almatinskiye MES

2 place - Sayagul Nurgaziyeva, Aktyubinskiye MES

3 place - Margarita Novitskaya, Yuzhnye MES

Ping-pong among men

1 place - Ahmetzhan Uteshev, Akmolinskiye MES

2 place - Aman Arinov, EnergoInform

3 place - Petr Zhurakovskiy, Tsentralnye MES

Ping-pong among women

1 place - Inna Pospelova, Sarbaiskiye MES

2 place - Sholpan Migdanova, Almatinskiye MES

3 place - Aisulu Akhmetova, Severnye MES

Arm-wrestling among women (weight category up to 65 kg)

1 place - Irina Gonchareva, Severnye MES

2 place - Olga Malysheva, Vostochnye MES

3 place - Anel Syzdykova, NDC

Arm-wrestling among women (weight category above 65 kg)

1 place - Anastassiya Matveyeva, Vostochnye MES

2 place - Aleksandra Tarassova, NDC

3 place - Natalya Lissitskaya, Akmolinskiye MES

Arm-wrestling among men (weight category up to 80 kg)

1 place - Yevgeniy Latner, Sarbaiskiye MES

2 place - Aleksand Kalashnikov, Almatinskiye MES

3 place - Ivan Deinego, EA

Arm-wrestling among men (weight category above 80 kg)

1 place - Daur Malamanov, Almatinskiye MES

2 place - Baurzhan Talykbayev, EA

3 place - Yuriy Kobtsev, Tsentralnye MES

 According to the company’s management, such sports events encourage implementation of priority areas of KEGOC’s social policy, including the formation of a healthy lifestyle and healthy corporate friendship in the team. In addition, such events are also an excellent way to promote sports activities and values ​​of healthy lifestyle among the population, the general public as well as growing awareness of particular sports.

About the Company

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