Team of Akmolinskiye MES branch won the sports tournament marking the 20th anniversary of Republic of Kazakhstan Constitution


Awarding of sports tournament winners among KEGOC and branches employees took place on 27 August; this event was dedicated to 20th anniversary of Republic of Kazakhstan Constitution. This sports event was initiated by KEGOC’s Youth Council. 

Employees of KEGOC’s head office, Energoinform, NDC SO and Akmolinskiye MES competed in mini-football, volleyball, basketball, swimming and a sports relay race. 

Akmolinskiye MES team won the volleyball tournament. Second and third places were taken by teams of KEGOC’s head office and Energoinform respectively. 

The first place in basketball contest was captured by Akmolinskiye MES, silver and bronze went to KEGOC’s head office and NDC SO teams. 

The best football players of the tournament from Akmolinskiye MES, Energoinform and KEGOC’s head office shared second and third places respectively. 

The gold in swimming contest was captured by NDC SO’s female and male athletes. KEGOC’s head office took second place, Akmolinskiye MES took third. 

The best results in sports relay race showed the team of KEGOC’s head office. NDC SO and Akmolinskiye MES took second and third place respectively. 

In overall ranks Akmolinskiye MES branch is on the first place,  KEGOC’s head office, on the second, and NDC SO, on the third. 

When awarding the Champions cup, Mr. Zhanabay Beksary, Deputy Chairman of KEGOC Management Board – Corporate Governance, Chairman of Youth Council, congratulated everyone with upcoming holiday – Constitution Day and wished new victories for tournament participants; also he expressed confidence that this sports tournament will become a regular event.