The team of electricians of the Almaty branch of KEGOC is the best in servicing overhead lines of the national power grid


The competition of electric line maintenance technicians that took place from October 15 to 18 at the training ground at the 500 kV Almaty substation of the Almatinskiye MES branch of KEGOC (Almaty oblast, Zhambylsky raion) has ended. Nine teams took part in the competition, one from each KEGOC’s branches.

During the competition, each team went through 6 stages: a quiz to test the knowledge of the regulatory and technical documents and theory; exercise to test the skills to save the injured person (dummy) exposed to electric current, remove it from a tower of the 220 kV overhead line and provide first aid; skills in replacing defective glass insulators of various brands; skills of replacing a spacer in a span between towers; and skills of connecting the cable loop on the anchor metal tower support of a 220 kV line using special tools.

The first place was taken by electricians of the Almatinskiye MES branch, consisting of Galym Rakhimzhanov (team leader), Yerzhan Yesimbaev, Daniyar Kosoumasov, Aset Zhiengaliyev, Ardak Shaumanov and Alexander Kalashnikov. They became the winners in two out of the six stages and second at one of the stages.

The second place was taken by electricians of the Severnye MES, the third, by the team of Akmolinskiye MES.

“The Best Foreman” nomination was awarded to the foreman of transmission line service of Zapadnye MES Branch, Rakhymzhan Yelamanov; “The Best Electrician” nomination was awarded to the electrician for transmission line repair of the Sarybaiskiye MES branch, N. Yudenkov.

According to the organizers, the competitions will not only demonstrate the skill, but also provide an opportunity for power engineers from different branches to exchange experiences.

The winning team with the highest score will represent Kazakhstan at the international championship of professional excellence among the power grid companies of the Commonwealth of Independent States.