A traditional competition of professional skills of operational and dispatch personnel of Regional Dispatch Centres was held at KEGOC.


From 15 to 19 April 2019, in the city of Kostanay, the regular, VIII professional skill contest of the operational and dispatching staff of the Regional Dispatch Centres (RDCs) of KEGOC took place. The competition was attended by 8 teams, which demonstrated professional skills at five stages: qualification testing, operational switching skills in electrical installations, solving operational problems, emergency response training, as well as knowledge quiz of regulatory and technical documentation of the energy market of Kazakhstan.

At the stage of the emergency training, the participants presented ingenious solutions that proved a high level of training of operating personnel of KEGOC.

According to the results of the competition, the first team place was taken by RDC team of Almatinskiye MES Branch of KEGOC. The head of RDC, Yergali Mussatayev, was the team leader, the team members were a senior dispatcher, Muratbek Shynybayev, and a dispatcher, Almas Mustayev. 

The second team place was taken by RDC team of Aktyubinskiye MES branch KEGOC: the team leader was the head of the RDC, Sergey Gnipa, the team members were a senior dispatcher, Rinat Fazlyev, and a dispatcher, Daryn Simaganbet.

The third team place was taken by RDC team of Akmolinskiye MES branch of KEGOC: the team leader, the head of RDC, Gennady Gavrish, the team members were a senior dispatcher, Abdumanap Ilyassov, and a dispatcher, Haidar Serkebayev.

The competition also honoured brilliant individual performances at the second stage (“Operational Switches in Electrical Installations”) by a senior dispatcher of RDC of Tsentralnye MES branch of KEGOC, Sergey Nekrassov, and a senior dispatcher of RDC of Yuzhnye MES branch KEGOC, Zhumanyaz Adilbekov.

At the third stage (“Solving operational problems”), the best results were shown by senior dispatchers, Alexey Dorokhin (RDC of Vostochnye MES branch KEGOC) and Sergey Nekrassov (RDC of Tsentralnye MES branch).

The most ingenious solution at the emergency training at the fourth stage was demonstrated by the team members of RDC team from Vostochnye MES branch of KEGOC, Alexey Dorokhin and Ruslan Tokpayev.