Rehabilitation of 220-500 kV OHTLs in KEGOC’s branches




Project goal: improvement of Kazakhstan NPG reliability through rehabilitation of the existing transmission lines, whose service life will reach the standard limit by 2020.

Project implementation period: 2018-2028

Project cost: KZT 140,682 billion inclusive of VAT

Planned financing: KZT 98 billion from loans, KZT 43 billion from Company’s equity funds

Place of implementation: territory of the Republic of Kazakhstan.

Project description: Project suggests three stages of rehabilitation of 220-500 kV OHTL, each of which has 3 KEGOC’s MES branches. Under the stage 1 in Aktyu-binskiye MES, Sarbaiskiye MES and Zapadnye MES branches the length of rehabili-tated 220-500 kV OHTL is 2.029 km.

Current status: The feasibility study for stage 1 was developed and approved by GosExpertiza (opinion No. 04-0076/18 dated 21 May 2019). 

The feasibility study (FS) was developed and approved by GosExpertiza (opinion No. 04-0076 / 18 dated 04 January 2019).

The management board of KEGOC approved the key parameters of the project (Minutes No. 24 dated 10 October 2018).  The board of directors of KEGOC ap-proved the technical parameters and performance indicators of the project for “Re-habilitation of 220-500 kV OHTLs in Aktyubinskiye MES, Sarbaiskiye MES, and Zapadnye MES branches’, and approved the transition of the project to the  Defini-tion and Implementation stages (Minutes No. 2 dated 28 February 2019).

3 contracts were concluded for packaged works, including turnkey construction with Promstroy-Energo LLP, ASPMK-519 LLP, KarElektroSpetsStroy LLP.

During the reporting period, the construction continued at 12 of 24 power transmis-sion lines. Since the beginning of the project, 701.4 km of the 2,029 km of overhead lines have been rehabilitated, including 476,4 km in 2020. 

Currently, design and estimate documentation has been developed for 14 overhead lines of 24 and 13 design estimates were approved by project examination authority (GosExpertiza) and 1 design and estimate documentation is under examination. For the remaining 10 overhead lines, the procedure for developing design and estimate documentation is underway.

 For stage 2, the feasibility study for the project of “Rehabilitation of 220-500 kV OHTLs in Akmolinskiye MES, Vostochnye MES, and Severnye MES branches’ is in progress and planned for completion in 2021. A contract for development of the feasibility study was concluded with RBM Sweko Producktions LLP on 18 July 2019.

The for stage 3 of the project for "Rehabilitation of 220-500 kV OHTLs in Al-matinskiye MES, Tsentralnye MES, and Yuzhnye MES branches "is planned for completion in 2023.