KEGOC’s Development Strategy 2018-2028



Reliable operation and effective development of Kazakhstan Unified Power System (UPS) in accordance with the state-of-the-art technical, economic, environmental, and occupational health-and-safety requirements.


We are a leading Company having reliability and performance indicators at the level of the best world companies.

Our aim is to continuously increase the value for all stakeholders through the development of the National Power Grid using advanced technologies, providing conditions for implementation of transit and export potential and fostering corporate social responsibility.

The Mission and the Vision will be achieved through strategic goals and objectives set for each goal: 

Goal 1: Ensure reliable operation of Kazakhstan UPS.


1. Deliver quality performance of the functions of the System Operator of Kazakhstan UPS.

2. Ensure high quality of maintenance, repair and modernization of the existing assets.

3. Improve the transmission capacity of Kazakhstan NPG through the construction of new power transmission lines and substations.

4. Technological development and digitalization of business.

Goal 2: Ensure KEGOC’s efficient operations.


1. Improve efficiency of the invested capital and develop new types of business.

2. Implement KEGOC’s Business Transformation Programme.

3. Develop international cooperation.

Goal 3: Improve corporate governance and sustainability.


1. Improve OSH management system.

2. Enhance the corporate governance.

3. Develop human capital.

4. Protect the environment.

KEGOC’s Development Strategy 2018-2028

Main provisions of the Strategy