Turkestan External Power Supply Reinforcement Project. Construction of power grid facilities




Project goal: increase reliability of power supply to the Turkestan energy region.

Project implementation period: 2019 - 2022

Project cost: KZT 9.93 billion inclusive of VAT.

Planned financing: Company’s equity funds

Location: Turkestan oblast.

Project description: Construction of the new 220 kV substation in the Turkestan region, which will be connected to the existing 220 kV network. The new 220 kV substation will be an additional power supply centre for the Turkestan energy re-gion. It will facilitate development of the local electrical distribution network, and provide necessary network capacity.

The project shall cover the projected significant increase in electricity consumption in the Turkestan energy region.

Current status: The feasibility study (FS) was developed and approved by GosEx-pertiza (opinion No. 01-0489 / 19 dated 28 November 2019).

Contract No. 442101/2020/1 dated 14 July 2020 was concluded with ASPMK-519 LLP on a turnkey basis, which includes the development of design estimates, the supply of certain types of equipment and the performance of construction and instal-lation works.

Аt present, design estimates are being developed for construction of the 220 kV Ortalyk substation and rehabilitation of 220 kV overhead lines (L-2309, L-2439). During the reporting period, engineering and geodetic surveys were carried out and reports on engineering surveys were approved.