West Kazakhstan Electricity Transmission Reinforcement Project - Construction of power grid facilities




Project goal: Improve network capacity and reliability of electricity supply to consumers in the Western zone of Kazakhstan UPS by re-enforcing 220 kV electrical links between West regions of Kazakhstan.

Project implementation period: 2017-2023

Project cost: KZT 49.812 billion inclusive of VAT.

Planned financing: KZT 39.850 billion from loans, KZT 9.962 billion from Com-pany’s equity funds

Location: West Kazakhstan, Atyrau, Aktobe Oblasts of Kazakhstan

Project description: The project suggests construction of the second circuit of the existing of 220 kV Uralskaya - Pravoberezhnaya - Inder - Karabatan - Kulsary - Tengiz electricity transmission lines including connection to the existing 220 kV sub-stations and to new Karabatan power distribution station and includes the following facilities:

1)rehabilitation of 220 kV Uralskaya SS;

2)extension of 220 kV OSG at 220 kV Pravoberezhnaya SS;

3)extension of 220 kV OSG including 2 units of 220 kV controlled shunt reactors at 220 kV Inder SS;

4)extension of 220 kV Kulsary SS;

5)extension of 220 kV Tengiz SS;

6)construction of 220 kV Karabatan power distribution station;

7)construction of 220 kV Uralskaya - Pravoberezhnaya transmission line;

8)construction of 220 kV Pravoberezhnaya - Inder transmission line;

9)construction of 220 kV Inder - Karabatan transmission line;

10)construction of 220 kV Karabatan - Kulsary transmission line;

11)construction of 220 kV Kulsary - Tengiz transmission line.

Current status: The feasibility study (FS) was developed and approved by GosEx-pertiza (opinion No. 01-0006/19 dated 04 January 2019).

The Board of Directors of KEGOC approved project performance indicators in the feasibility study (Minutes No. 2 dated 28 February 2019).

In 2019, 11 contracts were concluded for design and survey of overhead transmis-sion lines and substations with design institutes: Eshimkulov NT individual entre-preneur; MangistauEnergoMontazhNaladka LLP; SIT-Stroy LLP.

 During the reporting period, design estimates were developed for:

 - 5 of 6 SSs and have been uploaded to the examination authority portal for carry-ing out a comprehensive non-departmental examination of the design estimates;

 - 2 overhead lines out of 5 overhead lines and have been uploaded to the examina-tion authority portal for conducting a comprehensive non-departmental examination of of the design estimates. For the remaining projects it is planned that the designs will be sent for examination in November this year.