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“My dad is a power engineer. Children's drawings speak about the main thing”

To celebration the 25th anniversary of the establishment KEGOC held a drawing competition for the children of employees on the theme of the work of power engineers. About 200 drawings took part in the creative competition.

The children's works were divided into age categories and were evaluated by the general vote of the company's employees. As a result, the following winners were: 

- up to 6 years:

1 place: Yelizaveta Naumova (EA)

2 place: Ramina Nakyp (NDC SO)

3 place: Batyr Yelaman (Aktyubinskiye MES)

- 7-10 years old:

1 place: Ellada Barykina (Vostochnye MES)

2 place: Zhanadi Abdrakhmanova (NDC SO)

3 place: Manshuk Samat (Aktyubinskiye MES)

- 11-13 years old:

1 place: Damir Tulendiyev (Sarbaiskiye MES)

2 place: Dariga Kosmaganbetova (Aktyubinskiye MES)

3 place: Amina Narimanova (Aktyubinskiye MES)

- 14-17 years old:

1 place: Aruzhan Atalyk (Akmolinskiye MES)

2 place: Aiganym Ibrayeva (Akmolinskiye MES)

3 place: Kira Cherednikova (Yuzhnye MES) 

The winners of the competition will be awarded diplomas and valuable gifts, and all participants without exception will be awarded letters of thanks on behalf of the company's management.

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