About us

KEGOC (Kazakhstan Electricity Grid Operating Company) was established in accordance with Decree No.1188 of the Government of Kazakhstan dated 28 September 1996 'On some measures to restructure power system management in Kazakhstan'.

The date of initial state registration of KEGOC is 11 July 1997.

Address: 59, Tauyelsizdik Ave., Almaty District, Z00T2D0, Astana.


Ensure reliability, availability and advanced development of the energy system of Kazakhstan.


Kazakhstan UPS system operator that helps to shape the market and the future energy system while also addressing the economy’s rising needs and supporting the creation of a sustainable electricity system through infrastructure planning and the advancement of clean energy.

The Company shall carry out the following activities:

1) render contracted system services of electricity transmission across the national power grid;

2) maintain the National Power Grid facilities;

3) render contracted system services of technical dispatching of electricity delivered and consumed in the grid through the centralised operational dispatch management of operational modes in the Unified Power System of the Republic of Kazakhstan including the preparation of actual balances and daily schedules for electricity generation and consumption;

4) provide system services for balancing of electricity generation and consumption;

5) perform financial settlement of electricity imbalances under the procedure prescribed by the laws of the Republic of Kazakhstan;

6) manage operation of the real-time balancing energy market andthe system and auxiliary services market;

7) collaborate with the power systems of neighbouring states to control and ensure the stable parallel operation;

8) regulation and reserving of electric capacity;

9) provide technical and organisational guidance required to establish the unified information system, the commercial metering system and related protective relaying and emergency automation for all participants in the wholesale electricity market;

10) procure and sell electricity to cover auxiliary consumption on the balancing market, and to support the renewable energy sources in accordance with the laws of Kazakhstan;

11) provide centralised operational dispatch control in the Unified Power System of Kazakhstan;

12) repair and maintain electric motors, generators and transformers at facilities of organizations managed by the Company;

13) repair and maintain electric distribution and regulating equipment at facilities of organizations managed by the Company;

14) repair and maintain electric lighting equipment at facilities of organizations managed by the Company;

15) repair and maintain other electric equipment not included in other categories at facilities of organizations managed by the Company;

16) lease and manage property;

17) other wired telecommunication;

18) agents involved in the sale of a variety of goods;

19) wholesale of ferrous and non-ferrous scrap and waste.

Electric Networks

As of  January 01, 2024, KEGOC's intersystem network (MES) branches had 395 of 0.4-1,150 kV overhead transmission lines totalling 27 807.454 km (ckt) on their balance sheet, including:

1,150 kV OHTL: 1,421.225 km;

500 kV OHTL: 8,281.191 km;

330 kV OHTL: 1,863.280 km;

220 kV OHTL: 15,669.584 km;

110 kV OHTL: 352.841 km;

35 kV OHTL: 44.13 km;

10 kV OHTL: 110.177 km;

6 kV OHTL: 8.044 km;

0.4 kV OHTL: 56.242 km;

As of the same date KEGOC’s  MES branches had 83 electric substations of 35-1,150 kV, with installed transformer capacity of 39,112.6 MVA, including:

1,150 kV: 3 substations of 9,384.1 MVA;

500 kV: 20 substations of 17,447.5 MVA;

220 kV: 58 substations of 12,257.8 MVA;

35 kV: 2 substations of 23.2 MVA.

Branches of KEGOC JSC "Intersystem electric networks" (MES) were formed in 1997-1998.




OHTL - overhead transmission line