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KEGOC issued its first green bonds

         On 8 September 2022 the Agency of the Republic of Kazakhstan for Regulation and Development of the Financial Market registered amendments to the prospectus of the second issue of non-government bonds KEGOC issued as a part of the second bond programme of the company.
        KEGOC's bond type has been changed to green. “This is KEGOC's first issue of the green bonds. The proceeds will be used to fund the company's grid infrastructure construction projects that will facilitate the large-scale penetration of renewable energy in the energy mix, ensure energy security in the country, and enhance the efficiency of electricity transmission," said Aigul Akimbayeva, Managing Director of Finance and Accounting at KEGOC.
        The issue amounts to KZT 35 billion of 35 million unsecured coupon bonds with a par value of KZT1,000 apiece. The placement of the bonds is scheduled for November this year on Kazakhstan Stock Exchange (KASE).
The amendments have also changed the coupon rate of the bonds to a floating one based on TONIA + fixed margin, where the amount of fixed margin will be determined by the first placement trades. The periodicity of coupon payments has been increased, now payments will be made twice a year.
         "This issue of KEGOC's first green bonds will give a boost to other real economy domestic issuers in developing ESG projects in Kazakhstan," said Ermek Mazhekenov, Deputy Chairman of KASE Management Board.

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