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KEGOC athletes win prizes at VII Samruk Kazyna Spartakiada Games

On September 24-25, the superfinal of VII Spartakiad of Samruk-Kazyna JSC took place at the Wrestling Palace named after Zhaksylyk Ushkempirov in Astana.

94 employees from all regional branches of KEGOC including NDC SO and Energoinform JSC after winning regional qualifying games passed to the final of the sports competitions. They competed in seven sports disciplines: mini-football, volleyball, arm wrestling, table tennis, chess, tug-of-war and togyzkumalak.

KEGOC's sport fans notably prevailed the stands of the sports complex. The company's employees gathered this weekend to support their colleagues.

The following contestants were the winners of the exciting competitions:

2nd place in togyzkumalak for men: Maulen Keinesbekuly (Yuzhnye MES branch of KEGOC);

3rd place in togyzkumalak for women: Assel Abatova (Almatinskiye MES branch of KEGOC);

2nd place in mini-football: the team of Tsentralnye MES branch;

2nd place in volleyball: the team of Aktyubinskiye MES and Zapadnye MES branches;

3rd place in tug-of-war: the team of Aktyubinskiye MES and Zapadnye MES branches.

In addition, Daniyar Togaibayev, an engineer from the operation and technical service of Tsentralnye MES branch, was recognised as the "Best Goalkeeper".


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