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KEGOC received an ESG rating from S&P Global

On August 25, 2023, S&P Global, an independent rating agency, assigned KEGOC an ESG rating of S&P Global CSA Score 2023* at 51/100.

The S&P Global CSA Score 2023 (Corporate Sustainability Assessment) is the rating agency's assessment of the Company's performance in three key sustainability segments: Environment (E), Society (S), and Corporate Governance (G), each of which is evaluated based on its importance to the relevant sub-sector. Each of these three metrics gives a more detailed assessment of the Company's performance on ESG problems in comparison to its rivals.

The ratings' outcomes are most essential to investors when making investment selections. Investors feel that firms that adhere to ESG principles are more likely to succeed in the long run because they are better positioned to reduce risks and capitalise on new possibilities. Receiving an ESG grade helps the company to compare its success in adopting ESG aspects to other organisations in a comparable sector and discover opportunities for development.

S&P Global's ESG grade underlines KEGOC's commitment to environmental, social, and governance sustainability and recognises its contribution to a more sustainable future.

As an electric grid company and System Operator, KEGOC's most significant beneficial influence on the environment is the active implementation of large-scale investment projects that facilitates the development of green energy in Kazakhstan.

KEGOC is concerned about environmental issues, actively promotes energy efficiency and resource conservation, and has minimal direct CO2 emissions and water usage. Simultaneously, the Company cultivates long-term relationships with its employees based on the values of meritocracy, industrial safety, and human rights respect, allowing it to retain a high level of social stability index (86%).

KEGOC's corporate governance rating is confirmed at BBB, owing to the Company's management's long-term efforts to integrate ESG factors into its strategy and business processes, commitment to the principles of corporate governance and business ethics, and increased transparency and quality of business disclosure.

KEGOC continues to strengthen its management processes and ensures that all ESG approach standards are met. The Company intends to continue investing in technical and infrastructure solutions targeted at increasing the electricity sector's sustainability and dependability.

The KEGOC CSA results from S&P Global are available to a broad capital market audience via the S&P Capital IQ Pro platform and S&P Global's public website.


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