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KEGOC and the World Bank discussed cooperation issues

Nabi Aitzhanov, the chairman of the Management Board of KEGOC met with senior World Bank experts on bilateral cooperation in the energy sector.

“KEGOC already has many years of experience in successful and fruitful cooperation with World Bank organizations, in particular, together with the International Bank for Reconstruction and Development, a number of large investment projects have been implemented in the field of construction and rehabilitation of facilities in the electric power industry of our country,” noted Nabi Aitzhanov, opening the meeting.

Today, KEGOC, in collaboration with the World Bank, plans to conduct a study of “Kazakhstan renewable energy integration potential assessment under the state generation development plan.”

The purpose of the research work is to assess the general condition of the unified power system (UPS) of Kazakhstan and its readiness to integrate the planned amount of renewable energy, determine the necessary investments, evaluate potential technology options with the lowest costs to smooth out the schedule of renewable generation, taking into account the development of the UPS of Kazakhstan until 2035, assess the potential for the introduction of electricity storage systems and other digital technologies applicable in the country. In addition, a number of meetings were previously held between the specialists from KEGOC, the Bank and the Consortium, where organizational issues regarding interaction within the project were discussed.

NB: the previous collaboration experience of KEGOC and the international Bank for Reconstruction and Development included implementation of the following projects: Kazakhstan Electricity Transmission Rehabilitation Project phase II, Construction of 500 kV Second Transmission Line of Kazakhstan North-South Transit, Moinak Electricity Transmission Project, and Alma Electricity Transmission Project.


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