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KEGOC held a workshop to summarise the share of document flow in Kazakh language in national companies

KEGOC held a workshop to summarise the share of document turnover in Kazakh language in national companies. The workshop discussed the implementation of Kazakh language policy in quasi-public organisations and the share of document turnover in Kazakh language.
Mr Yerbol Tleshov, the chairman of the Language Policy Committee of the Ministry of Science and Higher Education of Kazakhstan, made opening remarks.  
Representatives of KEGOC, Kazakh Tourism and Kazakhstan Garysh Sapary talked about their work to develop and expand the use of Kazakh language and shared their experience of cooperation.
At KEGOC, 372 employees participated in Kazakh language training courses in 2022 and received special certificates. This year, 515 employees are planned to participate, including 300 employees from the Executive Administration and 215 employees from the branches.
In addition, advisory and explanatory work is carried out as a methodological aid to employees in developing documents in Kazakh language. In this regard, "State Language Administration", a methodological handbook, has been developed and posted on the company's internal portal. A dictionary containing more than 5,000 terms on energy and other sectors has also been developed.
There is a Kazakh language classroom, which is equipped with the necessary teaching aids, provide training courses, tests, seminars for clerks, and preparations for the KAZTEST language exam.
The share of Kazakh language in the Company's document flow is also monitored on a monthly basis. As a result of systematic work, in the first quarter of this year the percentage of outgoing documents in the state language throughout the Company was 85%, and for internal document flow - 83%.
In 2022, KEGOC, KazTransOil, Baiterek, Damu, QazExpoCongress and Air Astana were included in the list of organizations that scored high on the results of monitoring the use of the Kazakh language on the official Internet resources of state and non-state organizations by the Ministry of Science and Higher Education of Kazakhstan. Thus, KEGOC scored 10 points on the criteria for assessing the volume and quality of Kazakh language content and was recognized as the best among the national companies in terms of content and quality of all language versions of the materials posted on the website.
KEGOC acts as the System Operator of the Unified Power System of Kazakhstan and owns and operates the assets of the National Power Grid (NPG). The main activities relate to the sphere of natural monopolies. The company owns about 27,000 km of 220-1150 kV transmission lines and 82 substations with an installed transformer capacity of 38.99 GVA. Detailed information about the company is available on the corporate website at

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