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KEGOC held a traditional meeting with young talents

Young talents from KEGOC’s operational branches met with the Company’s management in Astana on November 3.

Young professionals from the company’s talent pool were invited to the event.

In his address to the meeting’s attendees, Nabi Aitzhanov, Chairman of KEGOC’s Management Board, highlighted that "Kasym Zhomart Tokayev, the Head of State, has repeatedly noted the importance of youth policy development in the country. Our company wants to foster a dynamic work environment where each person can reach their full potential and do outstanding work.

Since the younger generation now shapes the destiny of our nation, training our staff members’ competencies helps with succession planning, creates attractive career opportunities, and ensures the long-term viability of our business."

Nurlan Akhanzaripov, member of KEGOC’s Board of Directors, Senior Independent Director, Chairman of the Nomination and Remuneration Committee, drew attention to the main priorities of the HR policy related to the development of young talents.

“The company is concerned about its future and gives its employees’ development a lot of thought. The training of new employees and managers, who will be crucial to the company’s future, is something that the Board of Directors and Management Board of KEGOC are both interested in and active in,” he added.

By creating an efficient corporate culture that is laser-focused on attaining superior outcomes, KEGOC effectively executes its HR policy, which aims to develop human resources as the most significant intellectual and professional resource. Fairness, respect, equal opportunity, continuity, orientation to the finest global practises and HR technologies, and ongoing communication between management and employees are the cornerstones of this policy.

"In KEGOC, people have always been the primary value. High workforce qualification and experience levels are essential to its successful growth. High performance indicators are attained through the efforts of a well-coordinated team of workers,’ said Zhanabay Beksary, Managing Director of Social, Labour, and Public Relations.

The meeting was held in a friendly and constructive atmosphere. The programme included training sessions, an intellectual game, information sessions on industrial safety, financial literacy and the company’s technological development projects. The young specialists proposed new ideas and projects to be implemented in the company’s process. According to the young participants of the meeting, the programme was very rich and contributed to productive work.

“The company’s management supports the initiatives of young specialists in every possible way, creates conditions for professional development and growth. This undoubtedly contributes to strengthening the corporate spirit and working in a favourable atmosphere. The meeting is held in an interesting format, friendly and fun. Each of us was able to prove ourselves among the best young specialists, as well as we pumped leadership skills and got to know each other. Such meetings are important for strengthening integration between the teams of the company’s branches, sharing experience and knowledge,” said Nurlan Batyrbai from the Zapadnye MES branch.

Today, KEGOC employs 4.4 thousand people, 31.2% of whom are young employees under 35 years of age inclusive.

KEGOC is the System Operator of the Unified Power System of the Republic of Kazakhstan.

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