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KEGOC Maintains High Social Stability Rating of 86%

According to the results of the annual survey conducted by the Centre for Social Interaction and Communications among KEGOC's operating personnel, the SRS’s social stability index stands at 86% (same as in 2022). This marks one of the highest indicators among Samruk-Kazyna JSC's portfolio companies.

The SRS Index comprises three key components: engagement (87%), social wellbeing (74%), and social peace of mind (93%).

The company's operating personnel participated in surveys covering topics such as quality of life, financial situation, future outlook, working conditions, occupational safety, fairness and openness of management, internal awareness, and team atmosphere.

Experts analyzing the results of the social stability monitoring highlight the systematic and successful efforts to ensure comfortable and safe working conditions, improve employees' quality of life and financial well-being, and foster healthy and constructive relationships within the company's workforce.

KEGOC’s CEO Nabi Aitzhanov attributes such a high rating to a systematic approach in implementing social programs and clear management oversight of their execution.

"The Company has worked hard to establish a dialogue between management and operating personnel. Over the past year, meetings were held with regional branch workforces, addressing a wide range of issues from ensuring decent working conditions to the Company's development strategy and the role of each individual within it.

It is gratifying that our colleagues are actively involved in the process of continuous self-improvement – they have offered substantial constructive proposals, many of which we have adopted.  We are rigorously monitoring their implementation and are already determined to systematize these processes and form the KEGOC Bank of Ideas," noted Nabi Aitzhanov.

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