Subsidiaries and affiliates

Energoinform JSC

Energoinform joint-stock company is a 100% subsidiary of KEGOC JSC. The company was transformed to jont-stock company from KEGOC’s business unit with similar name. The date of initial registration of Energoinform JSC is 29 November 2010.

EnregoInform JSC shall ensure reliable operation and effective development of information and telecommunication systems of the participants of the national power grid of Kazakhstan;

The company has significant experience in implementation of the projects for construction and modernization of the grid, including in cooperation with the international companies and financial institutions.

The main functions: 

  • Ensure the secure operation of the information and telecommunication system (hereinafter - ITS) of KEGOC and parties of the Kazakhstan UPS;
  • Introduce smart solutions to the controls of the energy market of Kazakhstan;
  • Develop infrastructure facilities of Kazakhstan energy market entities;
  • Diversify sources of growth in of the company’s value.

Chairman of Management Board Serik Saudabyev
Contacts: Tel: 690-101, fax: 690-451
Address: 59, Tauyelsizdik Ave., Astana, Z00T2D0, Republic of Kazakhstan 

Batys Transit joint-stock company

Batys Transit joint-stock company (hereinafter referred to as ‘Batys Transit’) is one of the first examples of public-private partnership in implementation of projects of national importance in Kazakhstan based on a concession agreement and financed through infrastructure bonds.

Batys Transit was registered in November 2005, in accordance with the decree of the Government of Kazakhstan No.1008 dated 7 October 2005 to implement the project for the construction of inter-regional power transmission line linking the North Kazakhstan with Aktobe oblast (hereinafter referred to as the ‘Project’).

In accordance with the plan, the Ministry of energy and mineral resources, antimonopoly agency, and KEGOC was mandated to establish a concessionary project company, in which the share of  KEGOC was no more than 20%. 

Batys Transit was established as a project company on the basis of a concession agreement concluded on 28 December 2005 with the Government of the Republic of Kazakhstan represented by the Ministry of energy and mineral resources of the Republic of Kazakhstan, approved by Decree No. 1217 dated 9 December 2005 of the Government of the Republic of Kazakhstan.

The founders: KEGOC and MekhEnergoStroy have 20% and 80% in the authorized capital of Batys Transit respectively. MechEnergoStroy LLP - 80%, KEGOC JSC - 20%

The project was completed in remarkably short period of time. On 14 December 2008 the company commissioned 500 kV Ulke substation, and on 22 February 2009, it commissioned the 500 km overhead line.  In accordance with the Charter, the core operations of Batys Transit are: 

  • • transmission and distribution of electricity;
  • • operation of electric networks and substations;
  • • construction;
  • • other activities not prohibited by applicable law. 

The main goal of public policy outlined in the Presidential Address to the people of Kazakhstan delivered on 6 February 2008 was to improve the welfare of the citizens of Kazakhstan and the project for construction and operation of North Kazakhstan - Aktobe oblast interregional 500 kV transmission line was noted as one of the breakthrough projects included in 30 corporate leaders of Kazakhstan governmental programme.

Chairman of the Board of Directors: Bauyrzhan Nugymanov
Chairman of the Management Board: Mautkanov Darkhan
Address: 162-7 Shevchenko St,  Almaty, A05K2X1, Republic of Kazakhstan 
Tel.: 8 (727) 375 64 14, 375 65 14, 375 66 14,
Fax: 8 (727) 375 70 7