Development Strategy

To reflect the development and transformation of the energy system, ensuring decarbonization and sustainable economic growth of Kazakhstan, the strategic vision of the Company “Kazakhstan UPS system operator that helps to shape the market and the future energy system while also addressing the economy’s rising needs and supporting the creation of a sustainable electricity system through infrastructure planning and the advancement of clean energy.” 

Mission of the Company - Ensure reliability, availability and advanced development of the energy system of Kazakhstan.

In accordance with the mission of the Company, the following strategic areas of activity have been identified:

1. Provide quality system services The goal is to ensure the transmission, balancing and technical dispatching of electrical energy.

2. Increase in the net asset value. The goal is financial stability, identification of a portfolio of projects and initiatives, implementation of large investment and profitable projects, including advanced clean technology and digitalisation projects, reduction of own carbon footprint and improvement of corporate governance taking into account ESG principles.

The Vision and the Mission will be achieved through strategic goals and objectives set for each goal:

Goal 1: Ensure reliable operation of the Kazakhstan UPS in an energy transition environment

1.              Deliver functions of the System Operator of Kazakhstan UPS.

2.              Secure outstripping development of NPG of Kazakhstan, and effective integration of 19% renewable energy sources target.

3.              Implementation of modern innovative and digital technologies, Smart Grid.

Goal 2: Ensure sustainable development based on ESG principles

1.              Reduce carbon footprint.

2.              Develop human capital.

3.              Enhance corporate governance.

4.              Enhance occupational safety system.

Goal 3: Increase in the net asset value.

1.              Strengthen financial stability.

2.              Develop international cooperation.

Presentation Development Plan (Strategy) of KEGOC 2023 -2032
The development Plan (Strategy) of KEGOC for 2023-2032