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KEGOC paid a dividend to shareholders for 2021

Оn 20 June 2022, KEGOC paid KZT 13.2 billion of dividends for 2021 to its shareholders. Taking into account previously paid dividends for the first half of 2021, the total amount of dividends paid to shareholders for 2021 amounted to KZT 35.2 billion or KZT 135.57 per share. The amount of dividends paid for the reporting year is 66.9% of KEGOC's net income (KZT52.6 billion net income).

Since the IPO in 2014, KEGOC has been paying dividends to shareholders twice a year. The total amount of paid dividends is about KZT 188 billion.

KEGOC maintains a growing trend in the amount of services provided. In the first five months of this year, the amount of electricity transmission exceeded the planned values by 420 mln kWh (up 1.8%). This is due to a growth of electricity transmission for the wholesale market participants in Kazakhstan, and growing interstate transmission of electricity.

KEGOC's development strategy for 2022-2031 includes an action plan to improve the reliability of power supply to consumers. KEGOC is implementing several electricity transmission rehabilitation and new construction projects, including 3 major ones: Rehabilitation of 220-500 kV overhead lines in Aktyubinskiye MES, Zapadnye MES, and Sarbayskie MES branches, West Kazakhstan Electricity Transmission Reinforcement Project, and Turkestan External Power Supply Reinforcement Project, which is currently at the completion stage with the new 220 kV Ortalyk substation scheduled for commissioning in July this year.

     According to the Forecast Balance of the Ministry of Energy of Kazakhstan, in order to cover the prospective energy consumption in the country by 2035, about 17.5 GW of new generating capacity is planned to be commissioned using different technologies and placed in various locations. In this regard the company plans to develop a forecast model for the development of the National Power Grid until 2035, which implies large-scale modernization and safe integration of growing amounts of renewable energy into the power system.

     This is where, KEGOC, as a leader in the electricity sector, contributes to ensuring the reliability, availability and advanced development of Kazakhstan's energy system.



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