Public activity

Other activity in electric power industry

For the purpose of construction and commissioning of power facilities, individual installations and special repair services the electricity market entities engage construction and installation organizations and special repair enterprises.

Managing the issues of adopting new energy-efficient and environmentally friendly technologies are completed by research and design institutes, such as KazNIPIEnergoprom, Energiya, Almatygidroproyekt, KazSelEnergoProyekt, KazNIIenergetiki.

Kazakhstan Electricity Association, the members of which are energy producing organizations and consumers being the participants of the Kazakhstan wholesale electricity and capacity market.

The main objectives of the association are to:

  • support all organizations that are directly or otherwise related to power industry;
  • participate in designing the state programmes, laws and regulatory acts in power industry;
  • support its members in relations with the Government, judicial and other authorities.

KazEnergy is a voluntary non-profit association established to create favourable conditions for dynamic and sustainable development of oil and gas and energy industry in Kazakhstan.

Goals of the association are to:

  • protect the rights and interests of its members in the public agencies; harmonize the legislation framework;
  • create a single information platform for subsoil users, power producers, transporters and consumers of products and services of the energy sector;
  • develop and support intra-industry cooperation projects and entrepreneurship at local, regional and international levels;
  • spread a positive image of the association, its members and the industry as a whole, at the regional and global level;
  • facilitate economic, social, environmental, scientific and technical initiatives in Kazakh society.

Kazakhstan Electric Capacity Reserve Pool (ECR Pool), was established by the participants of Kazakhstan electricity market, which provides contract-based capacity reserves to secure uninterrupted power supply to the consumers, founders of the pool, in case of unforeseen failures of generating capacities and outages of transmission lines in Kazakhstan.

ERS Pool participants include:

  • generating companies;
  • regional network companies;
  • KEGOC;
  • wholesale consumers.