Waste management

The Company generates production wastes during substation equipment operation, maintenance, and rehabilitation, which classifies all waste as hazardous and non-hazardous, are followed when managing waste at the Company.

Waste Volume in KEGOC Divisions

Description, tonnes


Hazardous waste


Non-hazardous waste




For safe handling of industrial and consumer wastes, MES branches defined the areas for temporary safe and separate waste storage, prepared schematic maps of waste disposal on the territory of facilities with the explication and ensure timely removal for the subsequent disposal.

In 2022, conducted laboratory analyses for the presence of PCBs in the oil-filled equipment of Akmolinskiye MES branch, Vostochnye MES branch, Zapadnye MES branch, Sarbaiskiye MES branch, and Tsentralnye MES branch detected no PCB.

The total amount of disposed waste was 2,635,985 tonnes including 11,312 tonnes of hazardous waste, which is 0.5% of the total waste. The following quantities were transferred by the Company in 2022 on a contractual basis for recycling or other uses:

1,131.16 tonnes of ferrous metal scrap;
37.697 tonnes on non-ferrous metal scrap;
2,413.088 tonnes of used conductor.






Waste to be disposed of

2 757,00  

5 117,11  

4 326,09  

2 635,99  

To help reduce waste, the Company's employees engaged in a waste paper collection initiative in 2022, and together with the "Assistance to People in Need" Charity Fund gathered 960 kg of material for further recycling and reuse. The proceeds were used for the needs of the Orphanage in Astana.