Union and the Collective Agreement

Public Association "Branch Professional Union of employees of the energy engineering industry"

(NGO "Energotekhprofoyuz)

The trade union organization of employees of the energy engineering industry was established on March 27, 2003 in Almaty at the trade union conference of employees of JSC "KEGOC", at which the decision of the delegates created an independent, independent trade union organization of employees of the energy engineering industry of the NGO "Industrial Trade Union of Employees of the Energy engineering industry", (hereinafter - the NGO "Energotekhprofoyuz") and approved the Charter of the NGO "Energotekhprofoyuz". The public association was registered with the Ministry of Justice of the Republic of Kazakhstan.

In 2014, a new Law of the Republic of Kazakhstan "On Trade Unions" was adopted. In accordance with this Law, our trade union organization was re-registered in 2015 and became known as the Branch Trade Union of Employees of the Energy Engineering Industry.

Based on the requirement of the new Law "On Trade Unions", branch trade unions must be part of Republican Trade Union organizations. After negotiations and on the basis of the decision of the trade union conference, the NGO "Energotekhprofoyuz" became a part of the Kazakhstan Confederation of Labor.

NGO "Energotekhprofoyuz" is a member of the Republican Organization of Trade Unions "Kazakhstan Confederation of Labor". Which is a member organization of the General Confederation of CIS Member States, which unites more than 33 million members of the CIS trade union. The CPSU is a member of the ILO, a member of the Inter-Parliamentary Council of CIS members, the Secretary General of the Confederation of Labor Mashkenov M. is a member of the Executive Committee of the CPSU, and Strebkov V. is a member of the CPSU Commission on trade union building and international cooperation.

Being a member of the ROP KKT, our trade union organization. actively participates in the work of the working commission of the Ministry of Labor and Social Relations on amendments and additions to the Labor Code of the Republic of Kazakhstan and the Law on Trade Unions, as well as in the development of the draft General Agreement, the draft Social Code of the Republic of Kazakhstan, the draft Industry Agreement.

Being a member of the ROP KKT NGO "Energotekhprofsoyuz" constantly participates in video conferences held by the ILO and the military-industrial complex, exchanges experience with trade union organizations of the CIS countries, and receives analytical materials on various areas of trade union work.

The NGO "Energotekhprofoyuz" consists of 9 primary trade union organizations established in all branches of JSC "KEGOC" and two local trade union organizations – KOREM and "Energetics Zhetysu" (TATEK). The total number of union members currently stands at 5,760

NGO "Energotekhprofoyuz" cooperates with all other professional associations of Kazakhstan, of course, this cooperation involves a variety of forms – from ordinary contacts to participation in statutory and planned events. Such joint activity brings maximum benefit to all professional organizations.

One of the main tasks of the public association "Energotekhprofoyuz" is to ensure the labor rights of trade union members, the regulation of labor relations in collectives. The association also influences the conditions of remuneration, forms of material incentives for employees, and compliance with labor discipline. The trade union committees of the Association consider it their task to monitor compliance with labor legislation in labor collectives, the preservation and implementation of guarantees, compensations, benefits, etc.

According to experts, an important component of the company's high attractiveness is an effective mechanism for regulating social, labor and related economic relations within the company. The most important tool that effectively regulates social and labor relations within the collective is a Collective agreement concluded between employees and the employer.

The company is very responsible about signing this document. By the way, since the creation of the trade union organization, five Collective agreements have been developed and adopted. For example, at the end of 2020, after the expiration of this document, a Collective Agreement for 2021-2025 was signed. At the same time, the team did not stay away from the process of preparing a new document. From employees, both structural divisions of the Executive Directorate and branches, about a hundred proposals were received to correct the document.

The collective agreement takes into account all types of social support provided by the corporate standard of the Samruk-Kazyna Group of companies and the company's internal regulatory documents, as well as a significant part of the proposals from labor collectives.

The proposals touched upon almost all sections of the Collective Agreement: "Employment contract", "Working hours", "Rest time", "Remuneration", "Guarantees and compensation payments", "Safety and labor protection", "Basic rights and obligations of the parties", "Social support of employees, sports and cultural and recreational work". In other words, the KEGOC team forms the basis for the development of one of the important aspects of the development of labor relations.

It can be said that the staff of JSC "KEGOC" competently disposed of their powers and created for themselves a legal framework for the protection of rights and interests that are enshrined in the Collective Agreement.

As a result, the company creates all measures for the social protection of employees. This was especially clearly shown by the situation when in 2020, due to the difficult situation with the pandemic and the forced remote work of the staff, the company's management took all necessary measures to maintain the level of wages, to preserve and timely payment of all types of bonuses and financial assistance. The trade union provided assistance to employees of Western MEAS in the form of payment for PCR working in shifts. For pensioners registered with the Company, the trade union provided assistance during the days of the pandemic,

It is no coincidence that KEGOC JSC traditionally achieves good production indicators year after year, is a conductor of industry innovations, consistently shows good financial indicators, implements social programs aimed at moral and material support of the team. Among the successes of the company there are those that demonstrate positive social and labor relations within the team. For example, according to the results of the study of the level of social stability among the production staff of KEGOC JSC in 2020, the SRS (Samruk Research Services) index was 91%, the index of involvement of administrative and managerial personnel was 90%.

During the signing of the Collective Agreement for 2021-2025, it was noted that, for its part, the company's management, when considering the draft of the new agreement, tried to further increase and improve the working conditions in our Company.

This document sets out the rights and obligations of the parties in the field of remuneration and labor protection, social and labor relations, a conciliation commission was established to consider labor disputes, which included representatives of the employer and the trade union. The responsibility of both the employer and employee representatives is clearly spelled out. In particular, the rights and obligations of the trade union are differentiated.

The trade union has the right to:

1) Be an authorized representative of employees in negotiations with the Employer under this Agreement and on other social and labor issues arising between the Employer and the employee in accordance with the legislation of the Republic of Kazakhstan.

2) Request information from the Employer within the powers defined by the Law of the Republic of Kazakhstan "On Trade Unions" and other legislative acts and this Agreement.

The trade union is obliged to:

1) Contribute to reducing tension in labor collectives when carrying out coordinated measures to optimize the Company's activities.

2) To carry out work to clarify the labor legislation of the Republic of Kazakhstan, this Agreement, the formation of a conscious and careful attitude of employees to the property of KEGOS JSC.

3) To ensure the protection of the interests of trade union members – employees of KEGOS JSC in terms of compliance with the legislation, established social guarantees and compliance with the provisions of this Agreement.

4) Represent the interests of employees – members of the trade union in negotiations with the Employer in resolving labor conflicts.

5) To submit, within 7 calendar days, a reasoned opinion on the Employer's appeal to employees who are members of a trade union about the termination of an employment contract with them at the initiative of the Employer (reduction in the number or staff of employees, the employee's inconsistency with the position or work performed due to insufficient qualifications) or about its termination due to the employee's refusal to continue working due to changes in working conditions.

But as you know, life does not stand still and the collective agreement is not a rigid document, so the necessary changes and additions will be made during its validity.

The Company successfully operates Production Councils, which include representatives of the NGO "Energotekhprofoyuz", in accordance with the approved schedules, representatives of the trade union travel to the Company's branches, meet with labor collectives, according to the results of inspections and meetings with employees, events are being developed. Competitions are regularly held among branches on occupational health and safety issues. The winners are awarded with personal prizes.

In KEGOC JSC, much attention is paid to the development and promotion of a healthy lifestyle among the Company's employees, sports activities are regularly held, the trade union organization, together with the administration, promote sports and wellness work among the labor collectives, gyms are rented, sports equipment, uniforms are purchased, various sports competitions are organized. These obligations to improve the health of employees are included and prescribed in the Collective Agreement and are binding.

It has become a good tradition in the company to hold sports events dedicated to the Independence Day of the Republic of Kazakhstan and the professional holiday of power engineers. Sports competitions in various sports (mini football, volleyball, table tennis, chess, billiards, etc.) are held in all branches of the Company. In branches, competitions are held in structural divisions (thermal power plants, production services), more than 800 people take part in them. The management of the Company and branches also take an active part in them, which by their example involve employees in sports.

In addition, the teams of the branches take an active part in sports competitions held by the Akimats of the regions. Thus, the team of the Northern MEAS annually takes part in sports events held by the Akimat of Ekibastuz and regularly takes prizes. According to the results of the competitions held in the branches of the Company, national teams of branches are formed, which then take part in the Spartakiad of JSC "KEGOC" and the Spartakiad of the fund of JSC "Samruk-Kazyna".

Thus, the 11th Spartakiad of branches of KEGOC JSC was held in Karaganda, dedicated to the Independence Day of the Republic of Kazakhstan and the Day of the Power Engineer. 12 teams took part in it (all branches, the team of the Executive Directorate, the team of the NDC SO and the team of Energoinform JSC). Competitions were held in 5 sports. More than 300 people took part in the Sports Contest, including the Company's professional staff. The organizers of the Spartakiad, the Central MES, did everything to ensure that the competitions were held at a high level, in addition to sports competitions, excursions to the city and energy enterprises were organized, participants were offered an extensive cultural program. The Spartakiad was attended by employees of the Company ranging from electricians to branch directors, the age composition was also represented in a wide range of 19-62 years. The participants of the competition communicated with each other in their free time, exchanged work experience. The winners of the competitions are awarded with a rolling cup of the NGO "Energotekhprofoyuz", and are also awarded with valuable prizes.

Such events, regularly held in KEGOC JSC, contribute to the stabilization of the team, develop corporate pride in their Company, reduce various negative phenomena and contribute to the growth of the Company's brand. And how else, when ordinary workers and the Company's management play together on the site, in a word, KEGOC JSC, it's a TEAM!

Much attention is paid to energy veterans and WWII participants, trade union assets visit them, are interested in existing problems and are engaged in their solution. Veterans are invited to all events held by the Company, they are awarded prizes. On a regular basis, by May 9, branches are honoring WWII participants and persons equated to them. Trade unions organize congratulations to veterans, concerts, meetings with labor collectives, tea parties are held and food packages are allocated. Thus, the connection between veterans and the younger generation of power engineers is not lost.

NGO "Energotekhprofsoyuza" actively cooperates with the Council of Veterans of the Power Industry of Kazakhstan, representatives of the trade union regularly participate in Veterans' forums where various issues are considered. Energy veterans who are registered with the Company use preferential sanatorium and resort vouchers in health resorts in Kazakhstan, they are provided with financial assistance for treatment if necessary.

Not unimportant in the work of the trade union is this concern for recreation and sanatorium treatment of trade union members and their families. Recreation on the Bukhtarma reservoir, in Bayan Aul, in the Training Center of Energoinform JSC are popular, the services of which are used on preferential terms by members of the trade union, more than 800 people rest there every year. In addition, trade union members enjoy benefits in purchasing sanatorium vouchers to health resorts in Kazakhstan, about 120-140 people are treated there annually.


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