Personnel evaluation

To improve the Company's performance by setting performance requirements, evaluating the achievement of results, and providing employees with constructive feedback, staff performance evaluations are carried out.

The ongoing (quarterly, annual) employee performance evaluation is based on the meritocracy principles and includes evaluations of KPIs/objectives and competencies (professionalism and potential).

Goals are formed by cascading the strategic goals and KPIs into specific indicators based on the functions of the unit and each employee, taking into account the risks for each KEGOC business process/activity in the form of Goal Maps.

Decisions on the use of employee incentives (physical and intangible), training and development, and career development tools can be made based on the findings of the performance evaluation.

The number of employees of KEGOC who passed the 2022 comprehensive performance evaluation of the Company's employees was 1,987 or 50.9% of the total headcount of the Company. Including: 1,313 men and 674 women; 392 administrative and managerial employees and 1,595 operational employees.