Personnel policy

The human resources of KEGOC are the most important strategic factor for the company’s development success. KEGOC manages its human resources based on the principles of the corporate governance code, code of conduct (business ethics code), the integrated management system, HR policy and internal documents relating to KEGOC’s HR motivation. KEGOC’s HR Policy is aimed at the formation of human potential as the most important intellectual and professional resource that ensures the implementation of the Development Strategy of KEGOC through the effective corporate culture focused on achieving high results and meritocracy. 

Issues of social well-being in the teams are under the control of the Company's top management. 

On an annual basis, the level of social stability of SRS is investigated by a private institution "Center for Social Interaction and Communications".

The research is conducted by means of an online survey of production personnel, which provides an overall picture of the social well-being of the Company's workforce. 

The main purpose of SRS research is to diagnose problem areas in labor relations, which will allow to take not only corrective but also preventive measures. The aggregate value of SRS consists of 3 indices: the Involvement Index, the Social Well-Being Index and the Social Quietness Index.

  • The Involvement Index shows the level of satisfaction with working conditions and safety, relationships and communications in the company, and the level of employee loyalty.
  • The Social Well-Being Index captures employee sentiments determined primarily by external factors and the social environment.
  • The social peace index reflects the level of social tension of the team, an assessment of protest potential.

Monitoring of social stability over 10 years allows us to draw certain conclusions about the effectiveness of the Company's personnel, social and communication policies. According to the results of the study in 2022, KEGOC remains in the leading position among all portfolio companies of the Fund by the level of social stability 86%.

 Indicator name 2019 2020 2021 2022
 SRS Index 90  91  85  86 
 % of employees who took part in the survey  18,6 15,8 16,6 15,5