Internal Audit Service

The Service is the Company’s body, which shall secure management and execution of the internal audit in the Company. The Service is organisationally subordinate and functionally accountable to the Board of Directors.

The activities of the Service are supervised by the Audit Committee in accordance with the internal regulations governing the Audit Committee.

The Service is administratively subordinated to the Executive Body of the Company. The administrative subordination means that the Executive Body provides the appropriate labour conditions for the Chief Audit Executive and the employees of the Service and labour remuneration; issues the appropriate instructions pertaining to the Service’s activity based on the decisions of the Board of Directors; receives the Service’s reports ; supervises labour regulations; issues business trip orders, vacation orders and other actions not contradicting the status of the Service in accordance with these Regulations and other regulatory documents of the Company.  The Executive Body must not use the administrative subordination to influence the independence and objectivity of the Service.

The mission of the Service is to preserve and add value to the Company through conducting objective internal audits based on a risk-based approach, providing recommendations and sharing knowledge.

The main purpose of the Service is to provide independent and objective assurances and consultations aimed at improving the Company’s operations, as well as assisting the Company in achieving its goals, using a systematic and consistent approach to assessing and improving the effectiveness of risk management, control and corporate governance processes.

The Service staff consists of 8 people. The head of the Internal Audit Service of KEGOC JSC is Omirzhan Omirbekovich Yessetov.


Postal address: Z00T2D0, Astana, Tauelsizdik Avenue, 59, Head of IAS of KEGOC JSC.

Guidelines on Career Development of KEGOC IAS Employees (4.04.17)
Internal audit rules 24.08.2018
Regulations on Internal Audit Service of KEGOC JSC (31.10.2023)
Regulations on the Audit Committee of the Board of Directors of KEGOC
Quality Assurance and Improvement Programme Of the IAS of KEGOC (26.04.2021)