Management Board

2023 KEGOC's Management Board Progress Report

In 2023 KEGOC's management board held 31 meetings and reviewed 160 agenda items.

The agenda items included:

  • 42 items on internal regulatory documents;
  • 21 items of various progress reports, annual financial statements, health and safety reports, etc.;
  • 10 items on non-arm’s length transactions;
  • 8 items on risk committee;
  • 22 agenda item on HR policy;
  • 57 of other agenda items.

In addition to the items within the competence of KEGOC's board of directors preliminarily reviewed by the management board, the management board made some main decisions to:

  • approve 24 and amend 18 internal documents of the Company;
  • approve the action plan of the risk committee for 2024.

In order to preliminarily review, take collegial decisions and prepare recommendations on the supervised issues to KEGOC's Management Board, the Company has the following advisory bodies: 

Investment committee,
Risk committee,
Budget committee,
HR committee 
Debtors and creditors committee,
Inventory committee.

Management Board Remuneration